The „old” guy

I met a him at a party for university students, which fact should have been the biggest red flag in the world. I don’t even understand why I hooked up with him in the first place. Possibly because he seemed very similar to me on the first few dates, which was most probably the result of some simple Facebook stalking. His age and experience must have come in handy as well. If you’re 38 and don’t know how to get a girl, then there’s no hope for you.


Being at the vulnerable psycho state I was in that time, I didn’t see the warning signs. He’s 38 and not only he’s never been married, nor in a serious relationship, he wasn’t even sure he ever wanted one. He admitted that he recently had sex with a 17-year-old (not that the girl needed to be persuaded into anything, but it’s still sick). He started talking about how much he liked me, dreamt about me, felt being soulmates with me. None of these seemed suspicious. He finally convinced me to have sex after a few dates, with some cheap manipulative techniques. When I said I wasn’t sure about it, he said: „We can continue this teenager bullshit as long as you want to, I can wait. All I know is that I want you.”


The sex itself was incredibly weird, I still can’t figure out what the problem was. He literally interrupted it, let’s say 8 times, to go out and have a glass of water, check his emails or put some music on, leaving me there wondering, if it’s me who’s not doing something right. I spent the following few days in a self-destructive crying under the blanket mood, because he obviously never called again. A week later he started to behave like a manipulative-psycho-stalker person, showing up at every single party I went to, staring at me from the other side of the room, then trying to convince me to sleep at his place.


Luckily, I couldn’t be talked into it anymore, I simply asked him: „Why, just so you can have sex with me and interrupt it 8 times again?”. I later found out that not only he called the 17-year-old girl right after he had sex with me to „show off”, he also had some mysterious visits at the psychiatry and pushed his ex-girlfriend off the stairs once. I swear the universe is saving me from these idiots just before it’s too late.